Application Submission Package


Landing online teaching jobs has three core components: Your experience/education, your CV, and your time and diligence in applying. Do you have the first two, but not the time to apply? We can help. We offer a service to apply to jobs for you, and save you time and money. You can choose to buy an application package, or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership.

The process is simple:

  • Check out from our store.
  • We will send you an email confirming receipt and how to move forward.
  • Send your information to us (instructions will be in the email!) including name, email address to be used for applications, your CV, your transcripts, your references and their contact information, a cover letter and all other relevant material we can use to apply.
  • Email the link of the jobs you want to apply to as you get them and we will do the tedious work for you! We will put it into all of the application forms and fill out the necessary details, attach files and fill in all of the blanks.
  • We will complete the application for you and email you your temporary password and a copy of your application confirmation. You can login and change your password if you like, or we can use it again for future applications.
  Combine our two most popular packages!  
  ExclusiveEDU + Unlimited Application Services
  • Access to unlimited categories of job leads included ($11/month value per category) and sent to you directly
  • Unlimited Mail-In Job Applications including postage and supplies, average $5 or more per app.. you do the math!
  • Unlimited Fax Job Applications Included
  • 2 free books of your choice ( $30 value)
  • Inside Job leads and regional onsite leads in your area through ExclusiveEDU.
  • Free CV Review ($29)
  • HYPERNetworking and Media Queries to help you get published (and even land television spots - just ask our members!)

Refer a friend and receive 10% back. $22.60 cash back for each person you send our way that signs up for the package.

Select Monthly or Yearly

Send them as you get them to use up to the number you paid for, or subscribe to a monthly or yearly service and let us do the hard work for you! Your purchases never expire! Please note: By using this service you agree:

  1. We have your permission to submit the application on your behalf.
  2. You agree to anything in the job application that we must agree to on your behalf; you are allowing us to fill out the form for you.
  3. We are simply inputting your information into the online application - nothing more or less. There are no implications or promises! We are not responsible for whether or not you land a job! We will do our best to make sure everything is inputted correctly, but we're human and do make unintentional mistakes occasionally. We reserve the right to cancel service and refund prorated balances if our services or team are improperly treated. By subscribing you agree to not hold us liable for the outcome of any of your job applications.
  4. If you purchase a package, we will hang onto your information for future applications. If your CV needs updating or your cover letter needs to be modified, be sure to send it to us to update our files.
  5. Sometimes an application has specific questions we will need answers to. We will email you quickly - the sooner you respond, the faster your app will be processed.
  6. You've read the requirements and agree to them - you're just having us fill in the blanks for you.
  Please note!   This service is for online job applications. If you'd like a full service product that includes mailed and faxed applications as well as job searches just for you, we have a Premier Job Application Product available.
Number of Applications

Don't want to have to count how many apps you have had our group submit for you? We also offer a flat rate service and we will apply to as many jobs as you like! Cancel anytime!

Monthly or Yearly (save 21%)

Do you want your apps handled in one business day or less? Check out our express add-on.