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Dear Educators,

I’m thrilled to introduce you to The Babb Group’s ExclusiveEDU, a premier, subscription-based service to jump start your job search, provide you with exclusive, member-only information, VIP-access to our team and other experts, HYPERnetworking with other educators including daily challenges, and techniques to position yourself for long-term job stability as an educator working online.

Our goal with this Elite forum is to provide you with insights, information, and specific daily instruction and participation that directly relates to your job search and online teaching career – one on one coaching and a highly participatory group!

ExclusiveEdu Have you wondered:
  • How much your dream school pays?
  • Why you are not being hired despite applying to so many schools?
  • Why your work is dropping and how to get it back?
  • Which schools are a nightmare to work for?
  • Which schools will hire faculty with no experience?
  • What have Deans said they looked for that month, week, or even that day in CVs for potential candidates?
  • How the heck do you use social media to your advantage so Deans find YOU?
  • How people become quoted in articles or published in journals to add to their CV?
ExclusiveEdu Do you want:
  • Daily challenges that will help you become more searchable?
  • Media leads so you can be quoted in major publications?
  • To know who else teaches in your discipline to network with?
  • Access to exclusive videos from Dani Babb and other online education experts?
  • One-on-one access to Dani and other group members via the private Facebook forum?
  • A super secure, completely locked down group that you can feel safe participating in?
  • Assurance that anyone who shares information will be removed from the group?
  Combine our two most popular packages!  
  ExclusiveEDU + Unlimited Application Services
  • Access to unlimited categories of job leads included ($11/month value per category) and sent to you directly
  • Unlimited Mail-In Job Applications including postage and supplies, average $5 or more per app.. you do the math!
  • Unlimited Fax Job Applications Included
  • 2 free books of your choice ( $30 value)
  • Inside Job leads and regional onsite leads in your area through ExclusiveEDU.
  • Free CV Review ($29)
  • HYPERNetworking and Media Queries to help you get published (and even land television spots - just ask our members!)

Refer a friend and receive 10% back. $22.60 cash back for each person you send our way that signs up for the package.

Select Monthly or Yearly
  • Guidance every day so you know how to build your online reputation and have schools find you?
  • To know what the heck Kred and Klout are and how to get started?
    To know how to leverage all of those LinkedIn and Facebook contacts?
  • To unlock secrets not many people know about using tools that will help others find you?
  • Daily challenges that encourage reciprocity for helping others find jobs?
  • Exclusive video content that is completely private?
    To be paid for your referrals?
  • CV tips so frequent and useful that you consistently have a cutting edge CV?

We offer the ability to participate HYPERnetworking where each member is committed to helping other members get jobs!

We will provide all of this, and more. Our team will participate constantly, near-instantly, and provide you with direct answers to candid questions.

Let’s face it – our industry is changing fast. There are many ways to get jobs in this market, but none of them beat networking - knowing the right person just when you need someone in your corner. You can also gain tremendous benefits by being engaged in this private community, including daily challenges to help you grow your own visibility in online education; challenges that encourage you to help others and others to help you.

You have a lot of competition out there for online teaching jobs. You need to be a recognized leader in your field, you need to know how to use social media tools in an effective way and be searchable in job search tools, you need to network with others at an extreme, “HYPERnetworking level” to attain real results. You need exclusivity.

This service will help you get just that.
I’ve heard what you have been telling me about the challenges you face (and have experienced many of them myself), so I designed this product with you in mind. I believe your membership will ignite all aspects of your job search and online teaching career. Please continue reading below to learn more about what ExclusiveEDU has to offer!

Dani Babb, PhD, MBA


This is a revolutionary method of coaching designed specifically for the online educator. The individual attention you will receive from the leader in the industry and a team of colleagues to travel this journey together combine to bring your knowledge, skills, and professional network to the next level. This program is uniquely designed to give its members all the tools they need to establish an elite position the in the competitive marketplace of online instructor positions.

You’ll learn the best approach to help others who will help you in return. You will learn what Deans look for in CVs and Human Resources personnel are told to look for in CVs, all confidentially, and all in real time as we learn about it. You’ll have the opportunity to be coached from experts in the industry and participate in individual and group challenges to walk you through new technology, teaching, and networking opportunities daily. You will be able to predict what questions schools might ask you during an interview and how to approach answering them. You will get access to exclusive member-only benefits and discounts for software, hardware, books, and tools (such as the highly-effective Job Leads service included FREE!) that you need to be successful. You will earn credits towards products and services for online educators.

This is more than just networking, it’s HYPERnetworking

By signing up for ExclusiveEDU, you will be joining an inner-circle of experts like nothing you have ever experienced. Take a look at these features:

  • Access to our locked down, subscription-only Facebook group
  • Live chat with only our subscribers, all day, every day
  • Access to our private YouTube videos only accessible with a direct link, posted monthly – or more often -- from Dani Babb and other experts in online education
  • Free job lead system subscription for as long as you are a member
  • Access to The Babb Group’s media lead system, a great way to be quoted in your area of expertise in the media and publications to enhance your CV, all posted in our Facebook group. This will get you quotes in major publications, magazines and periodicals. We will give you direct contact information for the journalists
  • Group challenges that encourage others to network with you, and you to network with them
  • Daily challenges or tasks that will grow your online visibility
  • Share your videos with other members to help one another get more jobs
  • Participate in our affiliate program where you can earn 10% back for anyone you refer who joins our inner circle
  • A high, high (did we say high?) degree of HYPERnetworking with near-constant participation from The Babb Group and other experts
  • A promise to cancel any member’s subscription who shares information that is posted or uploaded in our Elite group
  • Offers and discounts for software and hardware secured by The Babb Group for our education group only
  • Information entered into our shared group locked database, name, degree, areas you teach, jobs you’re looking for – with the goal of members helping members find jobs
  • Access to a shared, locked group spreadsheet with everything you wanted to know from members about schools
  • Make Money Teaching Online and The Adult Student (hard copy books) sent to you at no charge after you are a member for three months
  • A $50 credit every 6 months for anything, including CV writing, on our website at
  • Near instant communication and answers from Dani and other experts – are you headed into an interview and have a question? Need to know how to handle an issue that your boss just raised? We are available for you
  • Want direct contact information for a Dean, hiring manager or HR at a specific school? If we do not know who it is, those in our group will help you find them
  • Hire Higher Educators FREE of Monthly Memberships

We will continue to add benefits as you ask for them!

Sign Up Today. This is an introductory price only!

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By signing up you agree to site terms and conditions and will not share anything to anyone outside the group. All thoughts are the opinions only of each individual and no guarantees or warranties are provided. All legal and tax questions should be asked to qualified Individuals