Adult Student: Insider's Guide to Going Back to School

Are you considering going back to school, but confused about your options? Should you go the traditional route? Online universities sound like a great alternative, but what sort of education will you get? Will employers value the degree? Dr. Dani Babb is an award-winning professor with more than 15 years of experience in traditional and online institutions, and she runs an educational consulting company that helps adult students like you make the right choice. In "The Adult Student: An Inside Look At Higher Education," Dr. Dani helps you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each learning environment. You’ll learn what to look out for, how to avoid programs and universities that won't help your career, and what to expect when you get back in the classroom. It’s a candid, forthright look at the new world of education today that will empower you to select the school and degree program that are the right fit for you.

Today, adults considering going back to school—whether to complete their bachelor’s program or enhance their resume with a graduate degree— have more options than ever before. The array of choices is a terrific benefit, but it can lead to a baffling and confusing decision-making process and a real test of your patience and perseverance—all before you enter a classroom. And what should you expect when you do return to school? It can be an intimidating experience for the returning student.

Dr. Dani demystifies the process from the perspective of an award-winning professor who has taught at both traditional and online institutions for more than 15 years. In researching the book, Dr. Dani interviewed hundreds of hiring managers for their insights on what they look for in adult graduates, which schools they think highly of, and which they do not. She also interviewed hundreds of professors, current students and recent graduates—asking them the hard questions about higher education. She shares their answers with you in this book.

Dr. Dani has a candid, fresh and forthright perspective on education, from deciding where to enroll to building a network and staying connected after graduation. She’ll equip you with all the information you need to pick the right program for you and, with dozens of useful tips gleaned from her own career and contributed by her colleagues, you will be confident and set up for success the moment you enter the traditional—or virtual—classroom. Readers are given an authentic perspective because Dr. Dani tells it like it is. She compares the many options available to students today, empowering them to make the best possible choice as they navigate the modern world of education.

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