One of the biggest draws for online teaching is doing work you love and earning an income from home. Courses offered at online universities have increased over the past several years. Online professors can teach anywhere between one to three classes a semester. Because adjunct jobs depend on student enrollment, it can mean unpredictable job security for professors.

Earning a decent income is dicey for online professors because of fluctuating student enrollment. Per my experience, the median compensation for an adjunct faculty member is $2,500 for a three-credit course. Some school's compensation is much less. Adjuncts who teach four classes a semester earn an average of $25,000 annually. As a result, many professors juggle multiple online teaching gigs to produce a full-time income.

Here is a list of side hustles for professors to make extra cash while maintaining their teaching load.

Side hustles for online professors

  1. Niche Blogging- Professors can make money through niche (health, financial, mental health, technology) blogging. You can sell targeted items on your blogs, such as e-books, coaching services, and advertisements.
  2. Staff Writing- Professors can make an extra case writing for other blogs, magazines, and different publications.
  3. Create an online course - Professors can create a course about a subject within their level of expertise. There are a plethora of online platforms where professors can publish their own courses. Udemy, Digital Chalk, Fedora, Litmos, and Pathwright are just a few of these opportunities.
  4. Present at workshops on college campuses - Professors can create their own content for a one-day workshop and pitch it to their local community college. The college will ask for a percentage for using their facility and advertising to their students.
  5. Do public speaking engagements - Professors can use their public speaking skills to book speaking engagements at non-profit agencies for a modest fee. You can target industry associations, network at the chamber of commerce meetings, and reach out to people in your network. Sometimes free gigs lead to paid engagements. If you need to brush up your public speaking skills, join your local toastmaster's organization.

These side jobs can bring extra income to online teachers, while maintaining teaching loads.

About the Author

nichole johnsonNichole Johnson is an online college instructor, navy veteran, blogger and human services professional. Her professional experience spans telecommunications, government industries, and human services. She has worked in fields that involved training and development, rehabilitation services and technical assistance.

Nichole has a bachelor's degree in management studies from the University of Maryland (UMUC), as well as a master's degree in human services from Capella University.

She worked for 11 years at Verizon before changing fields of education and human services, wanting to pursue work where she could help others reach their potential.

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