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To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you is nowhere near enough to express my gratitude for everything Dani, Bill and the rest of the Babb Group has done for me. After earning my doctorate, I wanted to teach at the collegiate level. (Dani was one of my instructors and my doctoral project chair. She is equally fantastic as an educator as well.)

Job searching in the academic world is significantly different from job searching in other areas and the Babb Group helped me through every step. They wrote my CV and cover letter. I had not written a resume in over 20 years and this was extremely helpful as I had no idea where to begin.

Receiving the job leads from the Babb Group was crucial to finding my teaching jobs. I have looked at various teaching job web sites and could not find a fraction of those provided by the Babb Group. If I had to do the applications myself, it would have been a full time job. The application service allowed me to apply to as many jobs as I wanted and focus my time on the jobs I already had.

The entire staff has been nothing but incredible. All of my apps were done by Bill who, like the rest of the staff, treated me like I was the only person he focused on. The staff celebrated each of my hires as if it were their own job.

I can't say thank you enough. Meeting Dani and working with the Babb Group has been a life changing experience that will take me into my next career. I am now working for several schools and will definitely be using the Babb Group when I want to find additional jobs.

- Mike M

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