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Dear Dani,

I have been thinking about how you impressed me the first time that I ever met you; the Chantel called me up on the phone, and we chatted for quite a while about my goals. As I look back and consider some of the fears I had at that moment, I have to say that I am so glad that I accepted your advice and offer of services because knowing you and your staff has literally changed my life, my possibilities, and my attitude about being an educational entrepreneur

Looking back and trying to be concise, I think there are three areas of your service that made me shine and helped me the most.

Polished Presentation

The CV, letter writing, and document creating service is outstanding for people like me who are actively pursuing a PhD and living every day. Quite honestly, I write as well as anyone, but I could never have put it together, especially as you did because you know the market and the format the documents need to be in for acceptance.

Priority Customer Service

Following a close second is the constant contact that you and your staff have always provided me beyond the service. In the process of my job search, I was often involved in bi-directional communications with staffers who were filling out apps and needed information. The people who served me seemed to take a personal interest and always made me feel like my needs were a priority.

Powerful Presence in the Marketplace

A third benefit from the app services that is important puts me in a competitive market at a rate that I will never be able to compete with on my own. Your service gives me an edge and a powerful presence in the marketplace where I can find opportunity to teach.

I wrote this letter to say thanks to you and your staff because you are providing a service that can help people who are trying to find that job teaching, but does not know quite what to do or where to go. My advice would be to call Dani Babb.

Thanks So Much

- Ronnie M

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