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November 14, 2015

Dear potential customer of The Babb Group:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter to recommend The Babb group. My experience from working with Dani and her team has been and continues to be spectacular. I’m a repeat customer of The Babb group for their knowledge, performance, and skillsets.

Nearly a year ago, I completed my doctoral degree. Like many adjuncts, I was looking to expand my online and potential on ground operations. Once completing the doctoral process, Dani and her team upgraded my CV and my LinkedIn accounts. While I’m good to managing my own details, hiring The Babb Group is vital since Dani and her team know the key words in which schools and recruiters are looking for, which are constantly changing.

In addition, I’ve been a client using the premier system for over one year. As someone who teaches in business, the world is about outsourcing to the best possible operations conducting within their field. To me, this is a no brainer decision since Dani and her team is specialized, unique, and very good understanding the Adjuctpreneur® marketplace, demands, and expectations of the process.

Dani and her team email me opportunities on a weekly basis through the premier system and completing the application process within a week. By utilizing the premier system, I do not have to take the time in applying to every single school and focus on doing what I do best, being a servant leader to students in the classroom.

Within one year, The Babb Group has helped me accomplish in one year what would take an individual five years: a full time position and five new online teaching positions.

No recommendation letter is enough to justify the skills of The Babb Group. If you’re on the fence of deciding, think of from this perspective: the smartest companies globally outsource to other operations better then what the company itself can do. Practice what you preach. What are you waiting for?


- Dr. Brandon F

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