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It is with pleasure and pride for me to write this brief “testimonial” on behalf of Dani Babb and The Babb Group. Further, I wish to share my story regarding the outstanding and professional assistance that Dani and her team provided to me when I was in the midst of my job search.

About a year ago, I was in the process of transitioning away from teaching full time on campus to becoming an adjunct online college professor. I had previously constructed a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and was sending it out with employment applications to a number of colleges without success. Being somewhat frustrated at not receiving favorable responses or interviews, a colleague of mine told me about Dani and The Babb Group, and I promptly contacted them for assistance. Very shortly after reaching out to them, I received a reply—and here is where my journey towards success began.

The Babb Group took my CV and made considerable improvements to it—adding, subtracting, and enhancing parts of it so that it would be appealing to selection committees with online colleges and universities. I was amazed at the end result—just how professional my CV appeared after their assistance. I contracted their added service to search the web and seek out suitable fits for open positions with schools, which likewise proved to be beneficial. Their team would cull through posted openings, and as part of the service, would actually complete applications for these openings on my behalf. In fact, The Babb Group sent out over 300 applications, tracked their progress, and would give me frequent updates. Before I knew it, I was employed—and teaching with five separate online colleges and universities with whom I am still working today.

Words cannot adequately convey just how convenient having The Babb Group turned out to be for me—as they helped me through my frustration and found excellent positions where I could teach from home—my absolute dream career. Now that I am settled and happy, it is my privilege and honor to highly recommend Dani Babb and The Babb Group as absolute experts in their field; and after experiencing my achievement, my wife began working with her team to teach with online schools as well.

For any of you who are seriously in search of teaching college online, having Dani Babb and her team in your corner is an absolute “must.”

- Stan R, Ph.D.

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