Institutions need services to provide the best solutions while saving money, deploying rapidly and becoming more efficient. Our large group of highly qualified subject matter experts allows us to deliver services to schools and colleges while saving money and providing the best opportunities for learners. From career services for institutions to recruiting professors, we can help you save money and better serve your students. We have excellent references from schools that have used our team!

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We offer the following Services for Institutions large and small:

Curriculum Design:

Working with the best subject matter experts allows us to create thoughtful curriculum that is engaging and retains students. Whether you want students to work in our LMS or yours, we can provide a custom solution for individual courses, programs and curriculum design. We also work with instructional designers if you wish for us to take a multi-faceted approach to development.

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Career Services Solutions:

No one career services representative can be an expert in every field. We bring the best subject matter experts with real life experience in their field to advise students in their career, allowing you to outsource your entire career services center or augment your existing solution. We offer basic solutions that include only basic advice and communication through to content rich solutions including access to Babb Academy and videos from SMEs in each field, along with an institution-branded landing page in our learning management system. We can custom create solution just for your college or school and likely save you money while providing a better service for your students.

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Student Lead Generation

We help college partners recruit students using three primary methods: organic social media following, course description ancillary keyword analysis, and directly through educators who are asked every day to make recommendations to potential students.

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Teaching Job Leads for Students

After graduation, finding a teaching job can be stressful and take hours of searching, only to compete with thousands of other applicants on big job boards. The Babb Group browses through thousands of employment pages every year to send out job leads that are not on the big job boards, helping to increase the chances of your graduates finding jobs.

The benefits to your students are:

  • Fewer candidates per job than big job boards
  • Less competition, better chances of employment for students
  • Emails are sent directly to students with links to apply
  • May help you meet Gainful Employment requirements

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Tutoring Services

Our tutors have a Master’s degree or higher and experience in their area of study. We work to augment your existing tutoring services department or work as a partner on your behalf. We aim to bring the best possible educational opportunity for your students while saving you time and money.

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Lectern to Laptop Series of Courses

The Lectern to Laptop series of courses has been developed and is taught by subject matter experts and seasoned professors. They have collaborated to bring their expertise as traditional, online, and hybrid instructors to assist professors in developing their proficiency in the distance education model. From the first introductory course, Preparing for Excellence: Transitioning to Online Learning, to our more advanced courses and special training, the series will help educators achieve excellence in online teaching as they master the move from lectern to laptop.

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Professor Recruitment:

We offer a low cost solution to recruit professors, both online and onground. Whether you want the CVs to be sent directly to you or you want our team to screen them first, we have professors in every discipline with every conceivable combination of degrees and experience eager to work for you.

We have a variety of custom solutions. We have worked on projects including recommending new course names for every single course in a program to be search engine optimized to writing new course descriptions to creating classes for students to learn more about a particular subject. Our large reach in online education gives us access to the best professors and subject matter experts to create just about anything you can think of, efficiently, quickly and without a lot of overhead! We execute and deliver most projects within 21 days.

If you have a job you would like advertised, simply email us the details and way for candidates to apply, and we will send it out at no charge to our job lead subscribers!

Professor Outplacement Services

Let's face it, downsizing, rightsizing or layoffs just stink. You owe it to your team to offer them the best outplacement services to find replacement jobs. We offer three different packages available at an institutional level for your employees.

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Social Media Solutions:

Do you need to communicate more effectively with students and reach a larger audience to grow enrollments? Do you want a Facebook Group that is run and managed by professors for your school? Do you want a social media campaign to recruit new students? We have proven success with clients who have tripled their enrollments using our services.

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