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Andrew N. Carpenter, Ph.D., B.Phil., B.A.

Andrew N. Carpenter, Ph.D., B.Phil., B.A.

Professor Mentor

During my twenty-five year career in academia, I have taught in multiple disciplines including philosophy, business, criminal justice, education, human services, and nursing and have received multiple awards for teaching students from associate through doctoral levels. I have learned much about teaching and learning by working in part-time, full-time, and tenure-track faculty jobs within traditional and online institutions of higher learning. Likewise, my work as an academic leader--including chairing departments in multiple disciplines, directing a center of teaching and learning and serving as vice president of academic affairs and chief academic officer--has taught me much about academia, as has my work publishing and presenting scholarship, my work as accreditation evaluator, and my service to national and international teaching organizations and scholarly journals.

As an educator, I abhor the tyranny of low expectations and embrace the power of combining high expectations with correspondingly high levels of academic support.  In the classroom, I am relentlessly positive: I assume that each student can achieve sophisticated learning and can undergo significant intellectual growth, and I work hard encouraging my students in ways designed to inspire them to work harder and to learn a LOT in their classes.

As a mentor, sharing my passion for high-quality online teaching and learning gives me great joy. If you are beginning to teach, I would be honored to help you to find your own “pedagogical voice” and teach you how to navigate through the thickets of academia.  If you are an experienced educator seeking to “trade up” to better jobs, a full-time teaching career, or a career in higher education leadership, I would love to help you to plan how to flourish in your academic career. If you are intrigued by the idea – and idealism – of the adjunctpreneurial career path, I stand ready to provide honest and wise counsel.