EdTech News for Friday, December 9, 2022: Online Learning for Surgeons, Gamification for Cyber Security Training

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Ukrainian surgeons are getting “just in time” training in their own language to help them treat people with war injuries.

The Military Clinical Readiness Curriculum, or mCurriculum, is designed to help surgeons achieve and maintain their clinical readiness. The free modules are a collaboration between the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the Military Health System Strategic Partnership American College of Surgeons (MHSSPACS), and the Uniformed Services University (USU) of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland.

Surgeons can access the short modules available online whenever they need to hone their surgical skills. Any surgeon who needs to fill a particular knowledge gap can also take advantage of the modules.

The first 12 modules of the mCurriculum are also available in Ukrainian. While the training modules are relevant for caring for any trauma patient, they can now be used by surgeons in Ukraine treating those injured in the war.

“We looked at the modules that were most appropriate for someone who was going to be facing the kinds of injuries that are being seen in Ukraine. We received that information from surgeons who have firsthand experience treating the injured in Ukraine, and they informed us of the kind of injuries they were seeing and what their needs were,” said Peggy Knudson, MD, FACS, Medical Director, MHSSPACS.

The modules are available via

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Gamification goes beyond leaderboards. It involves hands-on design, implementation, analysis, and attacks. Well, maybe the attack part is more unique in this news story.

To prepare students for jobs in cyber security, MITRE is running an Embedded Capture the Flag (eCTF) competition. The 2-phase competition runs from January to April 2023.

For the competition, teams design and implement a car key fob. The fob system must protect the car from break-ins, replays, and key fob cloning. In the first phase, competitors design and implement the system; in the second phase, competitors attack the other teams’ designs. Teams earn points by conducting successful attacks and withstanding other teams’ attacks.

“While many online capture-the-flag competitions focus on security, MITRE’s focuses on electronics hardware, which is increasingly as vulnerable as traditional IT and software systems,” said Doug Robbins, vice president of engineering and prototyping at MITRE. “Our participants will engage in both offense and defense as they attempt to create a secure system and then learn from their mistakes.”

The competition is open to both university and high school teams.

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Results of the annual Digital Learning Pulse Survey were released on Wednesday. The survey discovered that more than 80% of higher education administrators, faculty, and students think inflation will be a problem for students and that 88% of administrators are worried about future enrollment levels.

“Higher education institutions have had to be agile and willing to experiment throughout the pandemic, and that need will continue as student demand for more affordable and flexible education options only grows,” said Edwin Robles, SVP, General Manager, U.S. Higher Education, and Canada at Cengage. “Students want choices on when and how they learn, and institutions that are ready to meet demand for new learning formats and quality digital programs that are aligned to students’ academic and career goals will see success.”

Sheila Fry, COO of The Babb Group, agrees that institutions of higher learning will have to become even more agile.

“The ability to expand online course and program offerings while offering traditional learning supports is already important,” Fry said. “Higher Ed is serving more and more non-traditional students, and we all have to meet them where they are and design curriculum to meet their needs.”

The Babb Group published Fry’s thoughts on the future of higher education on Monday.

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