EdTech News: Professors Grade ChatGPT, APA & AI, and LMS trends

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Massive Growth in Learning Management System Industry

A new report from Technavio shows the learning management system market could grow by more than 20% and $44 million between now and 2027.

The report cites the increased adoption of LMS in higher education and K-12. With the ability to offer new models for education, including active learning, personalized learning, hybrid course design, and assessments, the authors find more reasons for institutions to continue to adopt and use LMS tools.

According to Technavio, cloud-based LMS is the trend, with more providers transitioning to subscription-based, cloud programs which eliminate the need for servers, resulting in lower upfront costs.

The image shows Technavio’s findings and expectations for trends.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Learning Management System Market 2023-2027

Students Interview Professors on AI

Ethan Dyrli, Editor-in-Chief at Messiah University’s award-winning The Swinging Bridge magazine, interviewed professors across departments about ChatGPT, asking if it could pass for a student at the university. While ChatGPT is passing the bar and medical certifications, it’s not exactly making the grade as a writer.


Marketing professor Keith Quesenberry tested the tool with students on a Principles of Marketing class assignment. The prompt included a specific word count and content requirements. While Quesenberry was impressed with some aspects of ChatGPT, it didn’t score well on the final product. ChatGPT missed the mark on word counts and meeting all the requirements. The AI tool earned a B and C on philosophy assignments and a C+ and D- in English.

Dyrli said, “In researching for this piece, I was reminded of the impressive power of modern technology, while simultaneously being reminded of the strength of human ingenuity. I entered this piece wondering if humans could be replaced, and left recognizing that this new technology only adds a new tool to the belt of educators and writers looking to push themselves and others to the next level.”

ChatGPT Is APA-official

The American Psychological Association created an official citation and reference for ChatGPT.

You’ll find suggested citations and references for quoting or reproducing text created by ChatGPT. Writers and researchers can also cite other AI tools with new guidance from APA.

In the new post, APA says it’s asking for patience and seeking feedback from instructors, researchers, and writers about using AI tools. Readers can leave comments on the page.

“We, the APA Style team humans, appreciate your patience as we navigate these unique challenges and new ways of thinking about how authors, researchers, and students learn, write, and work with new technologies.”

Here’s an example from APA for a ChatGPT citation.


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