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Education is making headlines. Politics, closings, layoffs, mergers, AI in education, enrollment and admissions, conference changes, student mental health, the demand for more online courses, and accessibility. We’re out of breath just making a starter list! There are so many trends and topics to talk about we’re starting a podcast.Logo for Digital EDU Dialogues with a pixelated human head

Be part of the conversation and up on the trends with The Babb Group’s DigitalEDU Dialogues Podcast. Get ready to dive into captivating conversations, gain invaluable insights, and explore the latest trends in the fast-moving world of education. Babb Group COO Sheila Fry is ready for the launch. “I’m excited to talk about trends in education and share our experiences on how we as faculty, instructional designers, and higher ed consultants can impact change. We want students and schools to thrive! Sharing ideas from influencers on this podcast is a positive way for us to contribute to the conversation.”

News You Need

Stay up on the latest news and trends. Each episode delves into thought-provoking topics, showcases industry experts, and offers suggestions for executing new ideas. Hear from faculty, administrators, consultants, instructional designers, and other thought leaders who all work to create engaging learning experiences, expand programs, and keep students returning for more.

Meet Your Host

Meet Your Host: Flip Livingstone

Canadian podcaster Flip Livingstone drives the show. Flip is an experienced host known for his charismatic delivery on the Locked on Fantasy Hockey show. He transfers his enthusiasm for sports to the classroom facilitating engaging discussions. “As a lifelong content creator and media specialist, I am excited for the opportunity to not only create engaging and quality shows but also to share knowledge on topics that could potentially help thousands of students and educators get the most out of their higher education experience,” Livingstone said.

Each show runs around 30 minutes, so listeners get a quick fix of intelligent conversations, innovation, and inspiration from The Babb Group. The countdown has begun. Stay tuned for the premiere of the DigitalEDU Dialogues Podcast coming soon!

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Angela Britcher

Angela Britcher is an instructional designer and content creator with The Babb Group. She is also an adjunct professor of business and communications.
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