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Must Have Technologies: Help from Professors!

Must Have Technologies: Help from Professors!

by Dani Babb
November 13, 2014

13 awesome technologies you may not have heard of to help make your career as an online professor more efficient and less stressful, spending less time on routine tasks and more time on feedback and content.

For the new edition of Make Money Teaching Online (coming to your favorite bookstore in the next few months!), I asked the 3500 professors in the Make a Living Teaching Online Facebook forum for their thoughts on what technologies help them do their jobs more quickly, efficiently and with less stress (both physical and mental). 

We had an awesome group of professors jump into the conversation and identify what they found to be helpful, stimulating a great discussion on technologies and efficiency that allows instructors to provide thorough, meaningful feedback and course content in less time. I encourage you to check it out and read the comprehensive list of solutions in the forum, and check out the products and services that were recommended. Here is a summary of some of the more unique solutions that you may find useful, and many of them are free:


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply, with router and cable modem hooked up to it to continue working
  • Docusign for signing or filling out forms (grade change forms, contracts, etc) to send back to your boss on the fly
  • The site toggl.com to see how you spend your time and calculate your pay
  • Boingo as you go data plan
  • TypeItIn for a quick button to insert comments, feedback or repeating phrases
  • SoundCloud to integrate audio lectures
  • Private Internet access or a virtual private network while traveling
  • Livescribe pen for marking up papers or taking notes, or converting handwriting to text
  • Synchronized queues, such as gqueues, for integration into Google
  • Whatsapp for messaging students including group messages
  • Cloud storage (SkyDrive, GDrive, Dropbox)
  • Standing keyboard and monitor stations or a treadmill desk
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

What do you use to make your teaching career more efficient, and provide the highest quality content and feedback to students? Also, check out Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor out on Amazon for more tips on efficiency and engagement.

And from everyone at The Babb Group, Inc. to you and your families, we wish you a great November, and a Happy Thanksgiving. "See you" in December! 

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