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Online Teaching: A Highly Misunderstood Profession

Online Teaching: A Highly Misunderstood Profession

by Dani Babb
February 27, 2015

Online professors often teach from home and leave the house less than those in traditional day jobs. Family, friends and neighbors often mistake this work for doing anything but working! What do people think online professors do all day?

Here are the funny answers!

As online professors, we have the luxury of working from anywhere in the world. We can travel, stay at home with the kids, go on road trips and be there with our family for important life events while we work and earn a living. Online teaching as a full time job, however, isn’t always understood by our friends, colleagues and neighbors. For our reading enjoyment, I recently asked our Make a Living Teaching Online group to share some of the things that friends, family and neighbors think they are doing while they are really working. By far the most common answer was “on Facebook messing around”, but there were some other gems too! Noted here with permission, anonymously of course.


  • Playing video games
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Online shopping
  • “Sitting and clicking”
  • My neighbors think I am a drug dealer or a stay at home wife enjoying the good life
  • Paid to play on the computer
  • Eat bon-bon’s and polish my nails
  • Sleeping
  • Internet addict
  • A secret agent or a spy
  • Napping all day
  • They think I am lazy and wear funny bunny dog and ladybug slippers and jammies and eat bon-bon’s
         (love this professor’s response, “BTW. I let them think that”)
  • I’m available and at home to cater to family/friends and do all the household work since I’m “just home”
         And my favorite one:
  • My messy neighbor started a rumor that I was under house arrest!
Maybe the lesson here is we all need to put on people clothes, get out of our PJs, and at least say “hi” to the mailman!


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