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Tips to Begin Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Tips to Begin Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

by Dani Babb
April 13, 2014

Consider these Curriculum Vitae tips before you start writing your CV, which is vital to finding an online teaching job:

  1. Remove the funky and cool formatting and awesome headers and footers! It looks great when we print it, but it isn’t HR-system or recruiter friendly. Upload it and watch your data disappear.
  2. Length on a CV is unlike length on a resume. Most CV files that I write with little to no experience are at least four pages. An experienced professor might have a 20 page CV or more. You should showcase all of your educational experience, professional experience, community service, publications, presentations, conferences, works you have been cited in, educational training, learning management systems, subject area expertise, references, teaching philosophy statement and much more. It isn’t a concern to almost every dean, provost, president and department chair I have ever interviewed to receive a long vitae.
  3. Make your CV comprehensive so it shows your professional and educational accomplishments. Don’t limit how far you go back. If you have work from the 1950's, include it.
  4. Please, please do not submit a resume to an academic job unless the job opening specifically requests it!

Let us know how this works for you! Hundreds of clients in 2013 told me it made the difference in their job search. Please feel free to share what else you include and what the outcomes were!

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