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Treating your online education work like a business as a solopreneur

Treating your online education work like a business as a solopreneur

by Dani Babb
April 27, 2014

Branding is the process companies go through to create their image and to differentiate themselves from their competition. Strategy must be aligned with branding and objectives to accomplish goals and to get new clients. Even if you are an individual, you must develop your brand if you are a solopreneur.


The same is true in online education! If you think of yourself as the business owner and the schools and their students as your clients, you can develop your own strategy, find your niche, work towards achieving objectives and diversify your portfolio of online teaching. This may mean that you teach for more than one (or five) schools. This might mean you teach online, you consult, you write books, you are a contractor, you develop courses, or any number of things that bring in income.

You may find yourself operating on thin margins some months (just like a business) when schools are slow, or doing well other months when work is strong. Just like a small business, you have to plan for this and diversify your client base – your schools – to remove some of the risk in online education. You must be proactive, and not wait for the client or customer to come to you. This means keeping your CV current, your network strong, and your job applications in consistently.

Check out my podcast to understand branding and the needed steps for being successful as a solopreneur. The same concepts apply to online education!