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Don't Wait, Take Action!

Don't Wait, Take Action!

by Dr. Nicole B. Dhanraj
February 07, 2017

Frozen in Time

Are you a doer? Or do you sit back and wish you can do something but are afraid, unsure, or lack the confidence? Many of us are afraid to take those steps needed to get us started on a new career, launch our business, or dive into a new opportunity. Some of us sit in the shadows and wish we can be like those “successful” people. Others even talk themselves out of it! I used to be one of those people that wished someday I can do great things such as, become a speaker, a researcher, a writer, or open my own business. I mean, puny me? I thought I was meant to be someone’s right hand didn’t realize I can be the right hand! I listened to some of my colleagues, friends and even family members who are so intimidated by taking on a new opportunity that they become frozen in time. They kept talking about opportunities or “someday” but days go by and the someday never came. So instead of just wishing, I decided to just take action. I pressed the GO button and figured I would learn everything on the way.

Your Own Competition

We can talk till the cows come home but ideas are just ideas until you take action. The people who are fulfilling their dreams don’t do so because they are smarter, have more resources, or lucky. Well, maybe some are born with golden spoons but the majority of people achieve their status because they had a dream and they took action to realize it. For most of us, it isn’t money, or time, or competition that prevents us from taking action. It’s our own selves! We linger on ideas, vacillate on opportunities and wait for perfection. We wait until the “right” opportunity comes along, or till everything is aligned before we get started. In essence, we are our biggest competition…yes, the person in the mirror!

And Action!

Ok, so the Boy Scouts motto is to be prepared, but life isn’t perfect. So why wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together? For me, my modus operandi is to take that first baby step and then figure the rest. Actually, though it can be nerve-wracking, I enjoy figuring out the next step. It’s like a Pandora’s box; you never know what’s coming your way! I have started businesses like this, I have sought after careers completely out my realm and I even cook like this; I am always ready with the onions sautéing but the meat is still frozen and the rest of the ingredients uncut! Ok, let’s not tell more of my unorganized habits…but you get my point ☺

Take the Leap

Once you know what you want, the how is uncovered as you move along. You don’t need to know steps A-Z but at least know the first one or two. As you move along, the rest will be uncovered. You first have to take the leap. Remember chuckling at those videos when you learned to walk? Think back…You weren’t concerned that there was a sudden drop or a sofa in the way, all you knew was that you wanted to move those legs and boy did you, one baby step at a time. Sometimes you took one step and you fell and other times you were able to take several steps before falling. Within a short space of time, you were racing across the room fearlessly! And at times when you felt unsure, you kept rocking back and forth to gain the momentum and confidence to go. It’s the same concept. Just as you attempted to stand as soon as you fell, it’s the same now as an adult. Should something happen that knocks you down…don’t sit around crying about it, jump right up and try again. If you feel like pouting or crying though, it’s ok, take a moment and then get back up again.

Choose your path

I don’t believe a person can be motivated externally. Indeed, the support helps. However, I think you have to inspire yourself; your fire has to come from within. You have to wholeheartedly want what you want, not just talk about it. Any external support will be a bonus for you. However, when you really know what you want, when you have down days, it won’t be difficult because you know what you have to tolerate to get what you want. Once on your path, there is nothing to push you off.

Keep moving

Many of us get derailed because we rather quit than lose the game. We keep comparing ourselves to others, or wonder what others think of us. However, you have to believe in yourself. You can do it! All you need is to take that first step and keep moving. You cannot make any excuses. Excuses are just rationalizing that you can’t do it. Once you get started, no matter where you are at, keep the momentums going. Seek ways to fire your inner purpose. Life isn’t a sprint right? It’s a marathon….pace yourself; and remember the best way to finish your marathon is by putting one foot in front the other!

Summarizing for you in three main points

  • Don’t wait for life to be perfect, take the first step and allow everything to fall into place.
  • Don’t make excuses; be mindful whether you are being obstructive to your own self.
  • Time is not an issue; there is no time as in the here and now.
  • If opportunities don’t come to you…go out and make your own! Don’t wait! Take Action Today!