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From Dread to Dream:  My Road to Online Teaching

From Dread to Dream: My Road to Online Teaching

by Pamela Edwards
February 09, 2016

When I first started pursuing my bachelors degree, my goal was to become a clinical psychologist. As time went on, I learned more about myself and various quirks in my personality (I am more of an introvert than I would like to admit), so I decided to brainstorm other possibilities. One of the possibilities that came along was online teaching. I really didn’t know anything about online teaching back then, except for the interactions I had with my online professors.


Around my junior year, I did an online search for online teaching opportunities. Not only did I see actual opportunities appear in my search, but I also saw that there was actually a book written about it: “Make Money Teaching Online”, by Dr. Dani Babb. This really peaked my interest, so I decided to ask a few of my online instructors to see if this was really a worthwhile opportunity, and if it would be possible for me to get into the field. They were so positive and encouraging, assuring me that it indeed was a great opportunity, and that not only could I get into the field, but would enjoy it tremendously. At that point, I eagerly purchased Dr. Babb’s book and studied it intently and put it to use immediately. I was able to secure a face-to-face position at a vocational college teaching billing and coding to get some experience under my belt. Several months later, I secured an online teaching position teaching medical office administration for my local community college—and this was a little before I actually earned my bachelors degree. Then, a month before I earned my masters, I secured another university teaching online courses in health.

After that, there was a year and a half in which I was submitting applications, but not getting any responses. I asked Dr. Babb to give me some advice on my CV, and I implemented her suggestions. For those of you going through the process of applying but not getting any offers, I definitely understand. No matter how long it takes, keep applying. I really wanted this, so I literally decided that I would make submitting applications my hobby, submitting at least 3-5 every day. At this point, I have submitted literally hundreds. But you know what? It is was truly worth it, because I was eventually able to leave a very stressful office job that completely burned me out and affected my health, and I now teach completely from home.

To date, I teach for four institutions, with two more institutions beginning in a month. In addition to the majors previously mentioned, I also teach psychology, human services, and ministry. And, since I have quite a few applications in the pipeline, I have no doubt that I will get more opportunities. There are so many people out there who wouldn’t dare submit so many applications for the hope of teaching online completely from home. But, unlike other businesses out there that I tried and failed at (mostly multi-level-marketing types), I saw something real about adjunctpreneuring. This is the one that I had to grab and not let go of until the dream became reality. So, I am here to encourage you to keep applying, keep seeking out as many opportunities as you can, because every application that you complete, every “No” that you receive, is bringing you closer to your “Yes”! With the benefits of a very good income, more time with my family, a very flexible schedule, and better health because I’m not stuck at a stressful job in a cube, I can truly testify that it was, and is, worth every bit of the effort!

About the Author

pamela edwards 270Pamela Edwards, who has a 20-year background in medical claims examination and patient accounting, has been teaching online since 2010. She holds a BA in general psychology, BA in health care administration, MA in health psychology, and PsyD in Christian counseling.