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Happy Memorial Day – My Reflection

Happy Memorial Day – My Reflection

by Lee Bennett
May 20, 2016

Hello again folks, apparently the past month has gone by quicker than I realized and I have missed my writings – for that I truly am sorry.

As I write this, I ponder the up coming weekend whereas we will spend time with family and friends celebrating Memorial Day 2016 (I hope you have wonderful weather as well). This is a time where we spend time at picnics and enjoying the times. We take the time to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation as well as those who have served.

It is for this reason that I share some of my story and recognize the not so good in some. As you have been following, you will recall that I have previously disclosed my employment status, which has not changed in almost a year. Yes, the frustration level is great and the disappointment even greater. Yet, my faith tells me that He has a plan and I am most anxious to see what that plan is.

As I continue down this path, I am reminded of all the nice things people say about veterans and express their gratitude to those veterans. As a veteran myself, those sentiments are greatly appreciated. However, there are those who, during the week and weekend, will exhibit their shallowness and facade by doing so. They will write emails or letters expressing their sincere gratitude for the service of veterans, yet they knowingly have been disingenuous towards veterans. To those, I say your words are as hollow as your soul. It saddens me to the core that people will go out of their way to knowingly and willing disrespect a veteran or one who is currently serving.

A very low percentage of our population actually serves in the military; most fail to gain full understanding of serving and the pride one takes serving their country. For myself, I am proud, humbled, and honored to serve my country. I do not wish glory nor spotlight. Many have sacrificed more than I during their service. I, like most veterans, just appreciate being treated with the due respect and gratitude, especially from those who have not worn a uniform nor supported those who did – a story for another day.

The past month has challenged my being and my faith to a degree in which I was not aware existed. There are many who I owe a large debt to for standing by me and helping me through this most arduous time. Yet, I somehow always seem to assist those with what I can and still try to bring a smile to their faces while hiding my circumstances. I still submit applications at a pace that, at times, does not match the pace of receiving the information from The Babb Group. I still pray and hope that one of those applications result in an interview.

And, for the second time, that has occurred. In the near future, I have an interview for a full-time associate professors position at a college in Florida. As I am excited for the opportunity of a full-time position at a college – which I was not anticipating, I am just as excited for a potential relocation to the Sunshine State as a new place of residence. As, you may recall, I have resided in four states now, Florida would be the fifth – and hopefully the last.

I will end this writing for now and again express my sincere apology for being absent. I promise not to make that a habit. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have served our great nation and those who have supported those who have served. I believe that a spouse or family of a service member is sometime more strenuous and important than one who is serving. I would also like to thank those who really do respect and appreciate those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice. From me to you and your families, happy Memorial Day – to my Canadian friends – Happy Victoria Day