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June Allows for More Opportunities

June Allows for More Opportunities

by Carolyn Burgess, Macc, Ba
June 28, 2016

Every day brings new challenges, new connections, and fortunately new opportunities on this path to online teaching. It also, however, can bring disappointment and requires a tremendous amount of work, perseverance, patience, time, and energy. This has proven not to be the path for those wanting quick results or even feedback for their efforts.


I am thankful for the many connections I continue to make. I love how this community of higher educators share leads and information to their colleagues. I also appreciate the individuals who have reached out to me and offered their assistance. You inspire and motivate me to continue this drive that can be daunting at best. I have learned that networking is more than just finding people to help you build a relationship in a career or to help transition to a new career. It is also very good for you as an individual. It is a great way to learn more about the career field specifics, allowing you to build your knowledge base. It is also a great way to lift your spirits on those days when you just can’t take another rejection notice from another institution.

Of course, sometimes those rejection notices aren’t so bad. At least they are feedback. I mean, think about it. Some of those submissions require hours of time to complete, so it is nice to at least receive something, even it is, “We have decided to go with another candidate…,” instead of nothing at all. I do understand how it works. There are so many applications in many cases that sending feedback just isn’t feasible. Also, in some cases, there are institutions that are not looking to immediately hire, but instead, want to create a pool of available applicants. Others, however, do have an immediate need and they will state this on the job post. As I’m submitting applications, I try to apply for those immediate need positions first, provided the institution states it on the job posting.

To catch you up on my progress in other areas, when June first started, I had just finished developing a Governmental Accounting course for an institution working to complete a new Accountancy Program. I had a great time working this developmental project. It was challenging and exciting. Even more exciting is the fact that I was contacted a few weeks ago by the same institution and asked to develop a second course, Corporate Tax. I have accepted the offer and began developing the course earlier this week. Needless to say, June has already been busy, but this is great experience and I’m thrilled that they asked me back for a second developmental assignment.

It’s easy to see how this path to online teaching, as I’ve described it before, is very much like taking a rollercoaster ride. It is a daily balancing act for me to ensure that my jobs are performed to their fullest each day, applications are submitted, family responsibilities are maintained, and continuous networking is accomplished. Some days are very gratifying, while others feel as if I’m on the first rung of a ladder fighting to climb to the top floor of the tallest skyscraper. So, you may be asking, why do I continue doing this? Well, I keep doing this because this is what I’ve always wanted to do. I was a teacher before I even knew I was a teacher. This begins back when I was a child and would pretend to ‘teach’ my toys lessons each day. It then transitioned to my elementary to high school teachers asking for my assistance for those students who were struggling in various subjects. As an adult, I was a mentor, both in school and in my professional career. I was a trainer who taught both students and other trainers. It has just always come naturally to me to help others. I love to see the spark of knowledge hit them. I call it the lightbulb moment. Even though this path is difficult, I am continuing to follow it because it is an important one. I am appreciative of the many blessings I am receiving along the way. I am thankful for the people, the connections, and the experiences. They are truly priceless! I know in the end, this work and dedication will be well worth it.