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Knock Like You Deserve IT!!!!

Knock Like You Deserve IT!!!!

by Dr. Nicole B. Dhanraj
August 10, 2016

I was never attracted to the symbolism of a door. I would marvel at the workmanship, the material, the grandeur but never stopped to truly comprehend the depth of symbolism that relates to not just the characteristics and appearance of a door, but what lies on the other side.

Do you have the courage to ask? Do you have the courage to truly believe that you will be given what you asked for? Do you have the faith to knock? Do you have the fortitude to pound the door, even if it made your knuckles bleed? More so, are you committed to follow the journey once the door opens? Would you have the stamina to accept defeat and seek another entrance?

Doors were subconsciously symbolic for me, but it didn’t take true meaning for me until a few months ago when I experienced certain life events that made me ponder whether I was deserving of new opportunities. I questioned my luck to the point it was almost like I was sabotaging myself because I didn’t think I deserved that door to be opened for me

Sometimes we are shy or not confident. We knock and peer in sheepishly to determine what the path looks like. Other times we are bold, ready to throw that door open and stand like a super hero with our cape blowing in the wind, fearless and determined to conquer whatever lies ahead. And then there are the times where uncertainty and curiosity gives us the encouragement to not just knock, but open the door and accept whatever trials and tribulations lay ahead.

Based on my recent experience, which also caused me to reflect on my career, I realized that I have not always pounded on doors with faith, courage or with the belief that I deserved it. Most times, I knocked lightly, hoping that I would be lucky to have chosen the right door. As life would turn out to this point, I chose the right doors, maybe sheer luck, or perhaps primal instinct.

Over the last several years, I have become more courageous, and empowered. I feel fulfilled, and contented in many ways. I worked hard and reaped the benefits, slow in some areas and like lightening in others. , but at any one point, did I put on my “super woman cape” boldly knocking and entering with the definitive and positive energy as one who deserves to be skipping through he passageway to anywhere I wanted to go? No, but in hindsight, I deserved too and I am telling you, you have the right to do so too.

My message is three fold

  1. Don't judge a door by its craftsmanship. If an opportunity is knocking, have the faith that you will do your best to make that opportunity work out in your favor. However, you have to be present in the moment to understand when to turn back or seek another door if things are not working out.
  2. Open the door and hold your head high. Once you open the door, leave the negative luggage behind. Don't stroll through lovely gardens questioning why you deserve to be here. Instead accept it with gratitude and promise yourself to enjoy the moment. There is a time and season for everything, so you may not get to visit such gardens for a while or the period maybe short lived.
  3. Learn to be comfortable outside your comfort zone. Some doors may lead you down paths you least expect that will test your strength, courage and commitment. It can create chaos and break you down until you give up. I think these are the doors that are most valuable in your life...these are where you pick up golden nuggets that strengthens your foundation as a person and provide you incredible experiences worthy of noting in your book of life.

So next time you are out, look around, look at the doors and see which reminds you of an event in your life, past or present. You can even choose which represents the future. Don't be bashful, but also understand that even Superman has his kryptonite.

We have heard of the biblical saying from Matthew 7:7

Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you

This can be interpreted in many ways, but for me, the key words here is that, "it will be given to me, and shall be opened to me". There is no reason for me or you to doubt that we deserve the abundance that lies behind the door waiting for us. If we knock and open the door with a questioning intent, it will get tough, because we are already setting the tone that it will not turn out well.

Until we learn to accept that we always deserve a smooth journey, I will recommend that when it gets tough, take a breath, regroup, and realign your objective until the path smoothens out or until you approach the next door.

Better yet, grab someone's hand tightly and let them help guide you to the next door. No man is an island, and there isn't a good enough reason that you should feel you need to. Don't be bashful or sacrifice yourself. Instead, be bold, be brave, and enjoy both what you asked for; even more importantly what you didn't ask for!