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Plant Seeds To Reap Your Bounty

Plant Seeds To Reap Your Bounty

by Dr. Nicole B. Dhanraj
March 31, 2016

Is it time?

Have you ever wondered when your time will come? When would you ever get out of debt so you can buy you fantasy house, fund your degree, get your dream job, earn that promotion, or just when everything will fall into place? When would I have time to apply for jobs? When will I begin teaching online? When would I get out this rut? When? When? When?


Planting versus wishing

To obtain fruit, you need to plant seeds. These are your intentions and your goals. You cannot wish for something in a single moment and expect to get it without preparation. It may have worked for Aladdin, but for us mortals, our genie is the seed that we plant and the lamp is equivalent to the environment we keep that seed so as to protect it. Perhaps you have experienced this in your own life, you planted a seed somewhere in your conscious or unconscious mind regarding your career, your perfect mate, your family, or your finances and somewhere along your life path, it took root and blossomed. That my friend didn’t occur by chance. You would have certainly talked about it, wished for it, prayed, or meditated for it…whichever manner you did it, you nurtured that seed to blossom through your actions. One day, that seed blossomed into fruit you wanted, whether in the form of the perfect house, your soul mate, the online job, or finally achieving a healthier status.

Bad or Demanding Seeds

Some seeds need to be replanted as it may not bear the fruit we anticipated. Perhaps the job is not as fulfilling as it initially seemed, the mate you found didn’t remain committed, or the financial choices didn’t put you in the position you wanted. However, you cannot let these duds set you back. Till the soil, clear your mind, refocus your intentions, and plant again. Preservation and determination are great Band-Aids when you get wounded in the process. This is inevitable.

Some seeds are more demanding and require extra attention that may scare you from planting these. Don’t be scared. Trust your ability and keep the outcome in sight. Be bold and go for your dreams, don’t let the universe down by playing it safe. You weren’t created to experience this magical world with an average life. The average highway is not on your vision quest map. If you get lost you can easily identify it for the smooth roads. Living an extraordinary life can be bumpy. It can sometimes mean pain, isolation, and suffering. Consider the climber hiking to Mt Everest. He prepared himself, planted the seed, nourished it, and worked towards it. He is aware of the challenges but prods along with the end goal in sight. But he believes and trusts himself. Your instincts will lead you where you need to go.

When your garden isn’t growing

Don’t be discouraged by the naysayers who are too afraid to chase their dreams and instead break yours apart. When things don’t go right, let go of the stress and issues. You are better off moving forward than hanging on. This is one of the most courageous acts you will perform but will be also the one that strengthens you the best. Each life situation provides us a lesson that supports us for the long journey ahead. We are not immune to life issues. At any one moment we can lose everything or anyone. Don’t focus on the issues at hand or the failures, keep your intentions in sight. Let go and move on. Feel free to disrupt your stability. Break your dependence on stability because whether you do it intentionally, it can all end abruptly unintentionally.

Weathering the Storm

As you plant seeds, have faith, envision the outcome, let go of your firm grip of control and let things happen naturally. As chaos broils, sometimes you may need to shut the door, close the curtains, and let the storm pass. Your seedlings and your plants will be okay. As painful and beautiful moments appear, be grateful, savor it, and remain fearless. Plant those seeds, nurture it, watch it flourish, and be patient. Enjoy the beauty of the blossoms you receive, be grateful when the blooms don’t flourish exactly as planned or it brings you heartache. Replant as needed. It’s important to rotate these seeds according to the seasons of our life.

Your Time Will Come

I promise you, making dreams come true is easier than you think, but only a few has the courage and determination to plant seeds and weather the storms. Remember, stay focused but be flexible and remain tuned to the frequency of your goals and have a wide bandwidth to let ago as needed. Lastly, be patient, some seeds germination period can be quite long and always start your day with gratitude for the abundance you have or will have. With these in mind, your seeds will blossom and your time will come for the goals you planted.