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Purposeful Decisions

Purposeful Decisions

by Dr. Nicole B. Dhanraj
June 30, 2016

A Bridge

This article serves as a bridge between my planting seeds and what’s in your portfolio articles.



There are no promises that life would be what you thought it to be, whether you planted seeds, fertilized it well and developed your life or career map. Life is full of the unexpected waiting to pounce when you least expect it. When it does, you shouldn’t be shocked, but prepared to act. You have two major choices; you can become defensive and try to shove it away, or you can be open and embrace what is to come. You cannot afford to vacillate….opportunities that come quickly can fade away just as easy. Though it can be overwhelming, you have to have faith that the decision you made was the right one given the circumstance. You don’t live each day with the intent of sabotaging yourself. There may be consequences to face, but your decision would always be the right one for that moment in time and you would have a will to accept the consequences.


Whether you chose the wrong job, said the wrong thing, decided not to pursue the dream opportunity, took on more work though your plate is full, you made a purposeful decision for a reason…unconsciously or not. It may not have made sense immediately, but as life continues to unfold, clarity also prevails.

I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason, and that the Universe conspires to help you even if it is to teach you a lesson. I have learned the importance of not chastising myself for what I perceive to be an erroneous decision. I sometimes don’t have the opportunity to understand if this was a seed I planted and forgot about it, or if this was a detour I anticipated, the decision just happens and I got to trust that I have the ingredients for success. Regardless of the principles you live by, faith and trust have powerful meaning to any situation.


In my opinion, destiny happens, but I choose to believe that someone or something has my back. I believe we have some control over our destiny. We can choose to stroll through life and let it unfold for us, or run after it. Whatever your pace is, you have to be ready to make those life changing purposeful decisions as opportunities arise. Sometimes, you cannot afford to contemplate too long, or deveop a pros and cons list to justify your decisions. Instead, trust that in that particular moment, you will make the right decision. Be firm but true to your decision even if it upsets your life/career map. Otherwise, you will have your face tear stained and your heart sink into a deep abyss of emotion.


Our nature seems to focus on the negative outcomes and the what- ifs first, however, you alone have the choice to ensure that the decisions you make are advantageous to you. Only you can decide what to do with your situation. Should you make lemonade? A cocktail? A lemon tart? Whatever you make don’t chastise yourself for what you can perceive to be the wrong decision. Remember, your decision was purposeful; you made it….now go forth and embrace it. Don’t dwell on the consequences you knew would occur because that was included in your decision. Instead focus on what the intention was, i.e the benefit it had in store for you.


Life is bound to throw something at you at some point in your life whether you think you have it figured out and planned with every specific detail outlined. When life hands you something you least expect and you need to make a decision, make it a purposeful one and don’t be afraid to chase after it with positivity. Nothing is for certain, there are no guarantees. You should be flexible, build the courage to accept disappointments should it happen.

Don’t be overwhelmed, if you believe in a God, God got your covered, if you don’t then the universe conspires with you. You have to believe that you are covered. Don’t let previous bad decisions or inexperience stifle your outlook. Rev your engine, open your heart and make that purposeful decision when the unexpected pounces. You have to act. Whether you do or not, something will happen. Don’t live with regrets, or with whatifs. Don’t sit idle, you have the power to make something happen. Don’t just reach for the stars, run after it, help make your destiny. And when life gives you the unexpected, don’t collapse and lay prostrated and defeated. Make that purposeful decision, and have the faith something great will happen. Rejoice in the beauty of the outcome when it goes well, but when it doesn’t have the courage to open your eyes and look for the silver lining. The unexpected will be ready to pounce on you when you least expect it, be prepared to make those purposeful decisions.