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Two Steps Back, Ready to Go Forward

Two Steps Back, Ready to Go Forward

by Carolyn Burgess, Macc, Ba
March 15, 2016

Just as a roller coaster clicks away up that first big hill at the beginning of the ride, so is my preparation for this journey. The slow pace is agonizing, yet essential to making the ride worthwhile. This too has been the case in ensuring that I have the best materials possible as I begin to feverishly apply for online teaching positions. Fortunately, I’ve received tremendous help and assistance to make sure that I am on the right track.


Before acquiring Dr. Babb’s book, “Making Money Teaching Online,” I haphazardly applied for teaching positions from some of the larger search engine sites. I look back now and shutter! Oh well. It was a learning process. After reading her book, in an attempt to keep up the momentum, I tried creating my own curriculum vitae (CV), teaching philosophy, and other required documentation. Again, haphazardly applying for positions as I went.

Well, realizing I was in way over my head, I decided it was time to get the professionals involved. Over the past several weeks, and after seeing so many positive results from the “Make a Living Teaching Online” Facebook forum, I decided to step-back and get my documents in the best shape possible before proceeding. And what a great choice I made! Sheila from The Babb Group were just awesome! My CV now looks amazing and contains information that I would have never thought to include. This process is incredible and digs deep, especially for someone like me that is moving from a professional career into teaching.

Additionally, this process forced me to step-back and reconsider my initial choices for references. I feel my ultimate choices now reflect a more diverse group of individuals who can truly speak to my abilities not from just a professional perspective, but more importantly, from a teaching and leadership viewpoint. Over the past week, I have spoken to each of them and have provided them with a draft reference letter. This, as I explained to them, simply gives a starting point in which they can build upon. I was relieved that each individual was more than happy to accommodate my request. I was also surprised that this was by far more difficult than I had ever imagined! I am also quite relieved that this portion of the process has been completed.

In addition to the CV writing assistance, I also signed-up for customized leads. Wow! I never imagined how many leads would be coming in! These are just outstanding. I must say also, The Babb Group was amazing in reviewing my transcripts. I can honestly say I needed this help as much as I needed help with CV writing. I truly believe I have been limiting my focus areas too much. Now, with these incredible leads coming in, I definitely know what’s next on my to-do list….apply, apply, and apply.

So, as I begin to apply like a mad man, my plans do not stop there. I’m going to continue to reach out for assistance to improve my social media outlets, such as LinkedIn. I’m also going to get some assistance with my cover letter. This roller coaster has finally made it to the top of that first ginormous hill and is about to hit full acceleration on the other side. Watch out, here I come!