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InfoTrak Interview With Dani Babb

by Dani Babb
April 08, 2020


Dr. Dani Babb interviewed on INFOTRAK, the weekly nationally syndicated Public Affairs radio show about teaching continuity at colleges and universities amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
Running time 10:31 minutes

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About Dr. Dani Babb

Dani BabbDani Babb, Ph.D.

I'm Dani, The CEO and Founder of The Babb Group. I make it my goal to help professors get teaching jobs, and guide and provide resources to colleges and universities looking for help with new programs, student retention and expertly designed curriculum. I have been in online education as an educator and administrator since its inception, and have used this knowledge since 2005 to help professors find and keep jobs in the constantly changing online market.

For more good information from Dani follow this link: Dani Babb Media Work.