Career Center Services and Mentoring for Students

Are you a student wondering what to do when you finish your degree? Are you trying to determine where to interview or what job opportunities are available in your area of study? Perhaps you need help with your resume or a strategy to figure out what to do next?

Tutoring Service

We partner students and graduates with professionals who are:

  • highly educated in your field of study with a masters degree or higher
  • at least five years experience in the field

We have experts in:

  • History
  • Healthcare
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Research
  • Resume Help
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Public Policy
  • Information Systems/Information Technology
  • Business

We can help you with:

  • Career Paths
  • Finding Job Opportunities
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Education Requirements
  • Skill Advancement
  • Professional Development
  • Opportunities in Your Area of Study
  • And More...

Looking to become a professor?

Check out our Professor Mentor services!

Within 1 business day after checkout, you will be put in contact with your mentor where you and the mentor will determine how best to work together. We support live-chat, email, text message, phone calls and other technology. If you do not use all of your sessions you can transfer them to another individual or another mentor in another subject. We do not issue refunds for unused time.

Choose the package that is best for you!

Tutoring Service