This is a long overdue review, Dani has saved me twice now! I first found Dani’s book on online teaching on the book shelf at the Barnes and Noble in 2006 right around the time I lost my IT job due to budget cuts. I didn’t really know what to do, so I spent my days looking for work with desperation. I had just picked up a cup of coffee and I was walking around the bookstore and there it was, my first introduction to online teaching. I have to say all of her techniques work without question!

Many folks ask me about how much work is involved. Success requires dedication, persistence and hard work! I started with one online school in 2007 and I will never forget when I picked up a second school. By then I had another job in IT and on one particular day in November, I was driving in a blizzard driving 79 miles one way back home. That day I realized I could totally teach online full time. A couple of weeks later I quit my job and pursued full time online teaching.

I met Dani in 2009 and even this last year with the economy courses seemed to be in short supply. Once again Dani sent me a flotation device with her consulting, reworked my CV and in just five days’ work began to flow again. Thank you so much Dani!

Charles Thies