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Diane Sykes, MBA, MSIDT

Diane Sykes, MBA, MSIDT

Assessment Director

Hi. I'm Diane and I consider myself a Renaissance woman because I am intellectually curious about so many subjects. I have mastered professions in curriculum design, online teaching, wealth management, fiduciary compliance, and risk management. I have management and project management expertise. I am an entrepreneur with two businesses under my belt. I started with an academic background in Marketing. I am a published author in the niche field of marketing to motorcycle tourists. However, recent changes in online learning and accreditation propelled me to seek my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology. No matter which role I am in, I am passionate to share my knowledge and experiences.

I am driven to understand how people learn and how to teach to those learning styles in the online environment. My passion is ensuring that the students are actually "getting" the knowledge and skills that we profess to teach. This means that we have to meet the student where they are now and take them where they need to go. I connect the course content and real- world activities to the program learning outcomes, thereby assuring that the students achieve the learning outcomes that we expect.

I am well-versed in current trends and best practices in curriculum-embedded, performance-based authentic assessments of learning. In turn, this assures that institutions are ready for assessment measurement, accreditation, and continuous improvement of student learning. I develop the systems and processes that articulate learning outcomes at the course, program, and institutional levels by mapping curricula. It is critical that students demonstrate general education outcomes while mastering their program learning outcomes. Furthermore, we need to understand the proficiency with which students have achieved those outcomes at an institutional level.

I am thrilled to be working with The Babb Group to help institutions of higher education implement assessment in their curriculum.