Education Support Group (ESG) is a service support group with the goal of assisting students by providing them with quick help when encountering obstacles in any assignment, concept, or process within their degree programs. Help is provided by experienced professors, mentors, and even peers. The assistance a student requires may range from help with a homework assignment to questions about what school to attend and perhaps just camaraderie among learners in a real student-focused community. The ESG solution is a tutoring service company, an online community, and an advising office all in one!

Our experts/mentors:

  • Possess at least a Master's degree (many even have doctorates) from an accredited university
  • Experience in their respective field
  • Experience as professors
  • Are ALWAYS U.S.-based - never outsourced overseas

This service is designed for short questions and fast answers.

Using the service is easy. Stuck on your homework? Don't understand your assigned reading? Want advice on where to get your next degree from?

  1. Review our list of experts in the "sticky" note at the top of the group, and in the group description.
  2. Post your question and tag the expert that you want to answer your question, or just post the question to the group in general.
  3. Get quality and timely help from the expert you tag, as well as from other professors in the group, and even from helpful peers!

Remember that there is subjectivity in education, so although our experts are highly experienced and stand behind the advice and assistance they offer, they are ultimately sharing their opinions, so it may not necessarily be what your particular professor is looking for. So, always check with your teacher!


What we are not

  • A cheating site. We do not provide answers to homework or test problems; only advice and guidance
  • Expensive! We are keeping this affordable by crowdsourcing answers to common problems
  • Representative of any particular college or university
  • A "review your paper before submitting it" group
  • A dissertation mentoring service
  • A replacement for school tutoring or advising
  • Experts in everything (although we believe that we come close!)

Post your quick question for an equally-quick thought and guidance by others in the group! Learn from your peers and browse through past posts to learn even more from the experts in the group.

Some basic rules

  • Don't private message the mentors/experts. Keep posts on the forums so everyone can benefit.
  • Keep your questions short and expectations reasonable!
  • Don't ask for homework or test answers, of course!
  • If it can't be answered in 5 minutes by an expert, you can email The Babb Group to be matched with a longer-term tutor.
  • Enjoy the forum! This is a community as much as it is a help site. It's okay to get to know one another…we encourage it!