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Nicole Dhanraj, PhD, MS

Nicole Dhanraj, PhD, MS

International Academic Partnership Specialist

Hello! My name is Nicole Dhanraj and I am the International Academic Partnership Specialist here at the Babb Group. I am very new to the online education world, formally starting in the late 2014 but have been teaching informally for the past 10 years both in the US Army and my civilian jobs.

My education is diverse as I believe such diversity provides me the opportunity to excel in many areas, not to mention to have more choices of what I want to do for fun in retirement! In addition, I am an independent researcher, a women's activist (dedicated to improving anything and everything for women!), and near and dear to my heart dedicated to the field of radiology, specifically global radiology.

My interests are varied but I share the common goal of wanting to help others succeed through education. I am honored to realize this goal as a member of the Babb team. My diverse experience from the business, education and medical sectors provides me the opportunity to help clients in very creative ways that best suit their needs. Also, my love of languages and culture and studies in International Relations, help position me to assist students, faculty and universities in various countries. I definitely look forward to working with clients from the Asia-Pacific region! I am semi fluent in Spanish and working on improving my French which has taken a hiatus! My goal is to learn at least one Asian language over the next year.

So what do I like to do for fun? Well, I am a very driven, passionate and committed individual so even when I am not working, I am always looking for ways to solve worldly issues! However, I do ensure to take time to smell the roses; so I travel, read endlessly, swim most weekends, and more recently learning to hula!

Like the rest of staff here at the Babb Group, I am committed to helping you realize your university or individual needs. Don't hesitate to reach out! Let's work together to help you find the best solutions for yourself, your team, or your students.