Online Educator Resources

Studies show that over 80% of students today take at least a course online, even if they attend traditional schools. The need for online teachers is rising, even in our sluggish economy. Whether you would like to work for one school full time or several part time, we wil help you build your online teaching jobs curriculum vitae, learn how to land your first (or 10th) online teaching job, and make yourself more marketable in today's world of online ed. More than ever, competition is fierce. With more professionals out of work and finding online teaching a suitable career, the difficulty getting in the door is greater thane ever - and so is your need for expert help.

Our book, the first ever about online education to hit the Amazon top 10 and used by thousands to change careers, is based on practical advice and step-by-step methods. We have helped hundreds through coaching become online educators and many more grow their workload.

We can help you, too. From consulting to CV templates to hard-to-find qualified job leads, we have all you need to be successful. The world of online teaching isn't going away, but it is getting more competitive. Knowledge of the industry, knowing what Deans and hiring HR managers are looking for and having the best possible material is key to success in this career.

How to begin your career in online education

WTMJ Interview July 2017 with Dani Babb about the market for online professors