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Adult students, whether studying online or in a traditional classroom, have unique needs and require creative solutions to balancing their work/life/student goals.

We offer tutoring, guides for different subjects and a book on becoming an adult student.


The Babb Group offers a tutoring and mentoring service to help students with coursework, homework or research! We support the following disciplines (if you have other requests please contact us!)

Tutoring Service - 30 minutes blocks
Tutoring Service - larger packages

Our tutors are university professors that teach these disciplines!

  • Math
  • English
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • SPSS or Statistics
  • Research
  • Information Technology/IT
  • Information Systems/IS
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Law/Criminal Justice
  • Public Policy

Our tutors are university professors that teach these disciplines!

We also support advanced topics for doctoral studies.

Within 1 business day after checkout, you will be put in contact with your tutor where you and the tutor will determine how best to work together. We support live-chat, email, text message, phone calls and other technology. We will do our best to accommodate the ways in which you learn best! If you do not use all of your sessions you can transfer them to another individual or another tutor in another subject. We do not issue refunds for unused minutes.

Choose the number of 30 minute sessions you would like:

Tutoring Service

Are you in a difficult class and want a larger package?
You can select from these:

Tutoring Service


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