We offer products and services for online professors and traditional educators to build their workload, find new teaching positions, be recognized as a subject matter expert in their field, and network with administrators and other educators.


Job Application Services

Our job application services are designed for busy professionals or professors who do not have time to fill out hundreds of job applications. These services allow candidates to submit jobs to apply to, and receive notification of application and status.

CV and Cover Letter Products & Services

We offer products and services to help you write and present the best curriculum vitae possible. Our writing and evaluation methods are constantly reviewed for best practices and updated based on feedback from administrators who hire and faculty who apply to jobs.

Professional Tools and Services

Whether you want to publish your dissertation into a book or have your HR paperwork notarized, we have a solution to help make the lives of professors easier so you can focus on your work in the classroom. Boot Camp, Professor Mentors and more.

Networking Services

Networking opportunities are essential for online teaching job stability and diversification, adding new work or moving into a full time professor role. We offer free and paid solutions and offer services to have your social media profiles reviewed, rewritten or created.

Online Professor Startup Packages

Products and Services bundled to help new professors get their first teaching online job, and seasoned professors get more work -- while saving money.


Professor Success Packages