Our Vision, Mission and Values

You cannot create impassioned attachment if you advocate for nothing.

We advocate for:








High Expectations









Vision | Mission | Values

Our Vision - What we aspire to be.

A succorer for professors to aid them in having a lifelong, fulfilling career; a partner for institutions to offer meaningful services to faculty and students.

Our Mission - How we will get there.

Partners and customers confidently select us first for their career needs and institutions choose to work with us because we understand their needs, customize our services and exceed their expectations.

Our CORE Values - The principles that guide our decisions.

Passion For Our Clients Success

We create unparalleled levels of loyalty by being passionately committed to our clients and servicing them to our fullest capacity.

Caring Colleagues

Most of our team members have worked in education and we only hire candidates who show through actions that they are committed to the success of others. We are involved in meaningful ways in community activities and helping those who cannot afford our services by sharing our methods at no cost on our blogs, always.

Commitment to Flexibility

We are committed to listening to our customers, team members and partners, and making changes as our clients need new solutions or services - or industry changes demand it.


We believe that through hard work and great positioning, all of our clients and partners can be successful.

Commitment to Diversity and Community

We display behaviors that clearly show respect for others and for diversity. We invest the time to be exposed to different people, places and viewpoints and respect the potential of each individual and believe this is essential to understanding our clients and serving them well. We create free communities for professors and administrators to share and network.

Success Through Teamwork

We celebrate success… of our clients, our partners, our team members and our business.


We are accountable to the standards we set. We make every effort to exceed promises made to clients.


We demonstrate high integrity without compromising quality due to daily pressures. We consult with others when needed, and believe bringing other viewpoints into our decision making is a strength, not a weakness.

We have fun

We celebrate individual personalities and humor, and respect adventure and innovation.