No one wants to let go of valued team members. When you have to, you want to provide the best opportunity for a positive outcome for the team member and lessen the difficulty on those who you have called colleagues.

Whether you call it downsizing, rightsizing, or layoffs, the pain for all parties involved is the same. One way to ease the transition is by offering high-quality, effective outplacement services to help your faculty find other opportunities.

We offer three different packages available at an institutional level for your employees.

Tier 1 service: A curriculum vitae (CV) review and job leads for six months for your professors, plus access to our active and supportive networking group.

Tier 2 service: Curriculum vitae (CV) writing, job leads for six months and access to our hyper-networking ExclusiveEDU group, offering your professors more support in finding new jobs.

Tier 3 service: Curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter writing, job leads for six months, access to our hyper-networking ExclusiveEDU group, and job application services for three months to help instructors get applications submitted quickly.

We offer packages as well as one-off access, as needed.

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.