Cover Letter Writing

Form the best introduction possible with a professional cover letter

First Impressions Count!

Some experts say your cover letter may get more scrutiny -- and time -- than your CV. Are you willing to take a risk and add a sub-par cover to a stellar CV?

Let us create a professional, education-friendly cover letter that you can use as-is, or better yet, modify for specific job opportunities! We'll draft a cover letter, then work with you to polish it into a final version you can use over and over again.

Let's face it: It can be hard to sing your own praises! But when we review your accomplishments and experience, we won't be modest. We'll present you in the absolute best light to get you the job opportunities you've earned.

Save time, save stress… and approach your job search with the confidence that comes from a polished, professional presentation.

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Your guidance has been life changing... I appreciate your dedication in helping me find personal balance and achieve my goals.

- Tracy Sipma

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