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Create a resume from your CV to reflect your work in both education and industry

Are you a professor looking to work in industry or as a consultant as well as work as a professor? We have a resume writing option for instructors who wish to have a resume created from their curriculum vita, or a resume updated to reflect their work in both education and industry. This is different from a curriculum vita, which is expansive and thorough to meet the needs of academia. This service is designed for educators looking to take additional industry jobs.

Once all of the information needed is received, clients receive a rough draft in five business days. Revisions are turned around within two business days with the goal of getting you started on your job search as quickly as possible.

First, you will consult with a professional resume writer who is dedicated to advancing the career of others and has experience in education and instructional design. After checkout, you will be contacted within 24 hours with the necessary steps to begin drafting your resume. The initial consultation is geared towards identifying goals, skills and getting to know you and understand your interests, as well as explain the process. While no one likes homework, we have found this is a necessary step to ensure success. Since many systems now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), databases are often set up to pull keywords from resumes. Your resume will be built using keywords targeted for positions you have interest in.

Clients will complete a client questionnaire to help define skills and unique qualities. Your resume will be built to help convey how you will either save a company money or help them make money, and how your skills as an educator are transferrable into industry. Your worksheets will be reviewed and another time will be arranged if needed to answer questions.

You will receive a rough draft and work together collaboratively until completion - until you are 100% satisfied with your new resume for industry!

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The entire staff has been nothing but incredible. All of my apps were done by Bill who, like the rest of the staff, treated me like I was the only person he focused on. The staff celebrated each of my hires as if it were their own job ... I am now working for several schools and will definitely be using the Babb Group when I want to find additional jobs.

- Alicia Holland-Johnson

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