Many of your competitors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to rank their institution on page 1 and 2 of Google. So what do you do if your program ends up on page 30 — or worse?

Let us help!

Our cost-effective solution: We use a specific methodology to modify the content of your program website pages (and sometimes even your curriculum!) to help you rank higher for your targeted keywords (and those you hadn’t even considered, but our data shows will pay off!).

We have worked on projects that include:

  • Recommending new course names for every course in a program to be optimized for search.
  • Writing new course descriptions that are more SEO friendly.
  • Creating classes for students to learn more about a particular subject.
  • Analyzing existing keyword rankings, those you wish to rank for and finding what we call “ancillary keywords” that you don’t know your potential students are even searching for! By working to rank for these, you can improve your overall ranking for a topic without spending a ton of money!
  • Determining what competitors keywords are and how they are ranking for them!

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.