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  • Techniques to position yourself for long term job stability as an educator

If you are looking for higher level of networking with more privacy, job opportunities and challenges to help you get additional jobs in education, be recognized as a subject matter expert, get more work and manage your activities? Do you find yourself looking for citations but not sure how to get them, or wanting to start a business or become an author and confused about how to get started?

ExclusiveEDU is a confidential elite networking forum that will help you position yourself for long term growth as an AdjunctPreneur, a full time faculty member or a part time educator. This forum is designed to help you improve your visibility, learn to use social media to leverage your personal brand while still maintaining privacy, and become better professors, authors, and business owners.

ExclusiveEDU provides you with:

  • Free job leads for the duration of your membership
  • Publication and citation opportunities to help you with citations
  • HYPERNetworking opportunities with other like-minded educators
  • A commitment from each member to privacy and confidentiality - any member who violates "the code" will have their membership revoked
  • Access and posts from experts who login every weekday to post challenges to help you stay motivated, create and meet your own goals, stay focused, and learn to use social media as a competitive tool.
  • After 3 months, The Adult Student book and Make Money Teaching Online 2nd Edition will be sent to you at no cost.
  • $25 credit every 6 months good towards any product or service that we offer

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This tight knit, small group of educators will be your biggest cheerleaders, help you with practical, candid advice, and connect you with others who may be in a position to advance your goals and improve your career. We talk about topics like which schools are hiring, what training and pay is like at an institution, how to get cited in major publications (both trade and academic), how to manage workloads as they rise and fall, and some of the tools that make our lives easier.

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