Your organization’s lifeblood is its students.

With the vast array of educational opportunities available today, you MUST employ every option available to reach potential students.

Did you know that online students enrolled in non-profit (and even some for-profit) institutions are more likely to trust the recommendations of a friend or colleague?

We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest marketing channels so we can leverage them on your behalf. We talk with students and know what they want. Our audience trusts our opinion.

We help college partners recruit students using three primary methods:

  •  organic social media following
  • course description ancillary keyword analysis (SEO analysis)
  • directly through educators’ recommendations

Our lead generation service offers you an innovative approach to finding new students — and not just any students, but those who have already shown an interest in advancing their education and who trust our recommendation. Because they’re already interested and have sought our opinion, these students are more likely to consider your program – and then stick with it.

Additionally, we can combine lead generation with paid social media advertising targeted towards a specific identified demographic for even greater results.

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.