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Tara Ross, PhD, MA

Tara Ross, PhD, MA

Branding Educator

​I'm Dr. Tara Ross; a college professor, author, and branding specialist.​ I wrote the social media bestsellers, Social Media Mastery and Social Networking Success. ​I run the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, teaching courses for busy professionals who want to develop their business skills so they can develop a Laptop Lifestyle. ​Along with my team, I design the Essential Wordpress Website for our online instructors. The goal is to enable them to have a professional web presence while also learning how to use their website without fear so they can continue to develop and grow with it. ​I work with The Babb Group helping with social media mastery, building your brand as an educator and work as a professor myself.

I have presented on faculty use of social media outside the classroom, the role of higher education for resettled refugees, and I have taught Political Science courses since 1999, in both face to face and online delivery formats. I have led accreditation processes, developed new programs, and designed curriculum and online courses.

With my PhD in Educational Leadership and my MA in International Affairs, I am pursing my research interests and work in international education and branding.