Teaching is a popular career path for many of your students.

But getting teaching jobs — traditional or online — isn’t as easy as it was five years ago, and it’s getting harder year by year.

With more doctoral graduates than ever and increasing competition on the “big job boards”, your graduates are facing an uphill battle in the quest for a teaching career. We can give them a competitive edge through our faculty job search services.

We visit the employment pages of thousands of colleges and universities each and every year, looking for positions that aren’t advertised on the popular paid job ad boards Our Teaching Job Leads is an economical and effective way to help students and job candidates increase their odds of landing a teaching job interview.

Need something special? We will customize a solution just for your college!

Here’s how it works:

  • We scour the Internet for little-known, unpublicized, and “hidden” leads, and then compile them.
  • Your students receive an email from us with leads, an average of 2 to 4 times per week.
  • We customize leads by area of expertise.

The result? Instead of competing against thousands, your students are applying for lesser-known job postings, giving them better odds in a smaller pool of candidates for the right opportunities.

Subjects include all specialties in:

  • Business
  • Education (Higher Ed and K-12)
  • Psychology/Sociology
  • Public Policy
  • Health
  • Law/Criminal Justice/Homeland Security
  • History & Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Math
  • English

Contact our team with your specific needs for more information and a custom quote. All shared information is held in the strictest of confidence.