To Whom It May Concern:

In August 2015, I began a job search for additional adjunct positions, thinking that I had a strong and comprehensive curriculum vitae. I began to look at samples of other adjuncts and ask questions of many colleagues. I was told that my current CV was woefully inadequate and that I should look for someone, a professional, to help in setting it straight. I was given the name of "The Babb Group."

Here I began to poke around, window shop one might say. I reached out, received a friendly and quick response. Made an appointment for a phone consultation, to which within a few moments of talking my questions were answered and I felt very confident that I was at the right place. They made the process very user friendly. Working on refinement of the CV was excellent as was the communications.

After having been armed with a new CV and cover letter, I felt that I needed more help, due to my limited time, to get on with a job search. I was looking at maybe one to two jobs a week that I found through words of mouth or on adjunct search sites. I opted to use the Custom Job search offered by the Babb Group. I received anywhere between four and 12 leads as well as contact information, to which I have been in contact with several institutions.

If in need of the Babb Groups services in the future, I will surely contact them ASAP!


Charles R.