In 2012, I was unemployed, with a Doctorate in hand; having no idea what I was going to do next in my life. I came across the Facebook group, Make A Living Teaching Online. Little did I know at the time that joining was going to be a life-changer!

This is where I first heard of The Babb Group and the many services they offer. I began by purchasing the Job Leads service and within just a couple of months landed my first ever online teaching job!

I slowly began to build up my set of schools and by the end of that first year, was consistently teaching for three, all of which were leads I received from The Babb Group. Once I felt more comfortable and knew this was what I wanted to do, I purchased the CV Writing and Review and Cover Letter Writing Services. Then, I began applying with my new tools and the job offers started flowing in, one right after another...landing five new teaching opportunities within five months’ time! And I didn't stop there.

My next move was to purchase the contact information for schools and I have received nothing but positive responses from the cold emails I have sent to universities letting them know I was interested in teaching for them, and have been hired by two.

This brings my school load to twelve and I could not have done it without the help and service of The Babb Group!

Michael M