The Online Learning Management System Can Both Help and Hinder Student Progress

The online learning management system won’t, by itself, make or break an academic career. However for students who might already be struggling, having a system that is unreliable or difficult to navigate can serve as a contributing factor in course failure or deciding to a leave a program or school.

Before enrolling, a student’s consideration of a school’s online learning management system could help alleviate a lot of frustration in the long run. While technology shouldn’t be the only consideration, it should certainly play a roll when selecting a school or program of study. The online learning management system at times can both maximize and minimize learner frustration.

Does the online learning management system play a role in a student’s selection of a school or program? Most new students likely won’t have the experience to know that an online learning management system can help make any program easier or harder to succeed. While the online learning management system doesn’t generate the actual content specific material for any given course, the technology can set the tone for a class or a program and ultimately impact long-term retention.

If a student is finding it difficult to navigate, participate, or be involved in the online classroom, their frustration is likely to grow and attention is likely to wane. Success in these situations becomes more difficult to attain. Those students who are already struggling might find this frustration to be the last straw that forces them to leave the class or program.

In the best of circumstances, students will experience technology that offers simplicity, intuitive navigation and ease of use. In the worst of circumstances, students will encounter unreliable systems with challenging navigation. Students who are not tech savvy especially need an intuitive online learning management system. They require a platform that is easy to navigate, simple to learn, and one that will ultimately help rather than hinder them in their quest to achieve their goals.

The online learning management system used by a school is one of many factors that should be considered by new students before they enroll in a program. An understanding, even on a high level, of the pros/cons of the different systems might aid a student in making a selection based on their own technical abilities and experiences.


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