How I Teach: Rachel Gramann, ABD, MBA, PMP, SSGBC

Rachel Gramann

By Rachel Gramann


A Passion for Lifelong Learners


My passion is guiding non-traditional students as they return to school while juggling work, family, and other obligations. As an educator, I aim to help the next generation develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their goals. Students come to the classroom from various backgrounds with unique needs and intentions. To succeed, I aim to meet students where they are, encourage them to draw on their own experiences, and use their strengths to learn and grow.


Lifelong learning is essential to developing into a well-rounded and productive human being. I believe there is always something new to learn or experience. Each piece we learn adds to the puzzle of who we are.


I create an environment where students capitalize on their love of learning and practice critical thinking to solve their complex day-to-day problems.


Encouraging Engagement Through Experience


Every student comes to the classroom with a different background and experiences to contribute to the classroom discussions. I create a learning environment that encourages communication, promotes diverse viewpoints, and helps students to realize their strengths and weaknesses. I engage with each student through thought-provoking questions and open discussions that encourage students to share without fear or bias.


Online learners need more than a textbook. They need instructors who provide real-world applications and take the extra steps to create relationships in a virtual classroom. I share my experiences as a business and IT professional with students. I consistently post about real-world applications to bring the content to life and prepare them for situations they may encounter.


Feedback is another area where I draw on my professional experiences. Providing substantive feedback to students is an essential part of coaching. I like to explain why it’s important to complete tasks in specific ways so they can understand how theories play out in the workplace.


I enjoy working with students, especially those struggling to see their potential and ability. I work well with non-traditional students from all walks of life, especially those with years of experience, as I can relate to them with real-world scenarios. I have an open-door policy and reach out to students, foster open communication, and am adept at making complex concepts easier to understand. When you can really connect with a student and help set them on a good path for the rest of their academic career, that’s priceless.


Rachel Gramann is a Computer Information Systems Lead Faculty at

Eastern Gateway Community College in Ohio. She has a B.S. in Computer Science from Carroll University and an MBA from Capella University. She is a doctoral candidate pursuing a DBA in Information Technology Management at Capella University.


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