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In an age when personal branding has increased importance, you want to build yours carefully and make sure you present the right image in the marketplace.

A LinkedIn account review of your profile by professionals who specialize in optimizing keywords, providing precise language, and creating a tone of confidence and competence is crucial to making yourself stand out. Our service looks at your current profile and assesses it within current industry standards and best practices. Our experts provide guidance and suggestions to enhance your LinkedIn profile in ways that will allow recruiters or hiring managers to find you as they search for appropriate hires for their institutions.

Improving your profile begins with a LinkedIn profile review. In the review, our LinkedIn profile professionals will suggest changes or ways to improve upon your current profile to maximize your personal potential. Things like keywords changes, content additions and incorporating the latest industry buzzwords insure that your profile turns up on more searches. Put Review my LinkedIn profile on your to-do list today! Build contacts, get looked at more often, and build a brand that will help to enhance your visibility and attractiveness to a new employer.

A profile review and who may need it?

Think your LinkedIn profile review is good enough or doesn’t matter? Nearly three quarters of hiring professionals report that a LinkedIn profile is a part of the process they use to identify perspective employees. Is yours up to reach to meet that challenge? Maybe you need a LinkedIn makeover and a review is where it all starts. You can start with a self-assessment that should include some of the following:

  1. Who’s profile do you admire or wish to emulate?
  2. Profiles are ranked based on algorithms that search out keywords that determine who gets seen first. Do you know what they are?
  3. Profiles can be made to serve different purposes. What is your purpose? Align your profile with your purpose.
  4. If you are looking for a job has your current profile produced any results in the form of recruiter or head-hunter contacts?
  5. Are you confident that your profile represents you well?

If your answers to these questions leaves you wondering whether your LinkedIn profile is doing what you want it to, contact us for a review. We’ll give you suggestions that apply to your profile, not a bunch of standard tips that you might have turned up with a simple browser search.

A Section By Section Analysis Of Your Existing LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn review will provide a section by section analysis of your existing LinkedIn profile by a LinkedIn networking expert and professor mentor. The review will include suggestions for improvement for you to make to improve your profile and network more efficiently and thoughtfully.

Links will be sent as examples of excellent profiles to help you recreate your own.


Professional review of your LinkedIn profile

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