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If the jobs are out there… why am I not landing one? It can take hundreds of applications to get an online teaching job. Sometimes getting the job interviews is a full time job in itself! We take the exhaustion out of this process and handle online applications for you!

“If you are considering teaching online for a career or just extra money, I would encourage you to make the right investment and choose The Babb Group as your team.”

— Tommy S.

We talk with people just like you every day…

  • Experienced instructors who can’t understand why they haven’t landed an interview after months of application submissions…
  • Smart newcomers with solid backgrounds who wonder if they really can get hired with “only” a Master’s degree…
  • Determined professionals wanting to share their experience with students who have sent in ten, twenty, thirty applications or more and still haven’t gotten one interview…

Do people really get hired for online teaching gigs, or is it just a fantasy?

YES, they do — and you can, too!

But finding one or more online teaching positions isn’t as easy as some make it sound. After working with thousands of other professionals since 2005, we’ve refined our approach to give you the best odds for scoring interviews… and jobs.

And we’re here to show you how.

Our founder literally wrote the first (and second) book on finding online teaching positions, and getting started or furthering your career in online higher education. Now you can leverage her expertise and our team’s support to find — and land — the positions you’re looking for.

Introducing… The Babb Group Job Application Submission Process

Whether you are:

  • a newcomer to the online world looking to supplement your “day job…”
  • an experienced online instructor who wants to expand or replace your current course load…
  • or what we call an “AdjunctPreneur®” who’s in search of a full-time living from teaching at multiple institutions online part time…

… we can help!

When you started this process, you might have thought that getting hired for an online teaching job was just a matter of sending out a few CVs or filling out some online applications.

But it’s not that simple.

In fact, landing online teaching jobs has three core components:

  1. Your experience/education/credentials
  2. Your CV (how you display #1), and
  3. (Possibly most importantly!) Your time and diligence in applying.

Our research shows that it takes about 80-120 completed applications before you’ll be contacted for even ONE interview.

In other words, it’s a numbers game. The more persistent and consistent you are, the more your efforts will pay off.

Let’s do the math:

Let’s say you’re looking to pick up two, full-time classes for the upcoming session.

Working backwards from your goal, that means you’re going to need to fill out between 160-240 applications.

And if each application takes an average of 30 minutes to complete, that means you’re looking at around 80-120 hours of work… in addition to your regular “life.”

Sure, you could set a goal of five applications a week… but at that rate, it’s going to be four months before you get your first interview… minimum! Even if you double that and spend five hours a week on applications, it’s going to take 2 months before your hard work starts paying off.

Taking that further… If you want to land one job and you usually get 1 out of 3 you interview for, you’d need anywhere from 240 to 360 job applications!

So much for teaching next semester!

Wondering how you’re going to find time to apply to those 100 (or 200, or 300) positions?

That’s where we come in.

Our team will work as your surrogate, applying to open positions on your behalf… saving you time and making you money.

And with the flexibility of our options, you can decide how quickly you want to move forward.

Just ONE teaching position can pay for your entire investment and then some.

The process is simple.

You provide the information and materials (name, email address, CV, transcripts, references, cover letter and all other relevant material), and we provide the human power.

It’s as easy as sending us the links for jobs you want to apply to and we will do the tedious work for you!

  • Yes… we fill out all the application forms.
  • Yes… you can send us any lead you find yourself, or a lead we send to you.
  • Yes… we put in all your details.
  • Yes… we attach files and fill in all the blanks.
  • Yes… it includes job leads for as many categories as you’d like, so you have lots of additional jobs to choose from.
  • Yes… you can update your information at any time.
  • Yes… we complete the application for you and email you a copy of your application confirmation.
  • Yes… you are assigned a dedicated account representative who becomes familiar with your material and your goals, as well as a manager in charge of it all.

And when we’re asked to recruit instructors for specific opportunities that fit your experience, you’ll be at the top of our list!

(Of course, you have complete access to all your applications. You can login at any time to change your password or update information — it’s in your control.)

Here’s how to get started:

  • Select your level of commitment.
  • Check out from our store.
  • You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get started.


Q: This sounds great. Do you guarantee I’ll get a job?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to guarantee placement as there are many factors which are outside our control. Anyone promising you this may be stretching the truth. There are no implications or promises. We are simply inputting your information into the online application. Remember, we are human and we do our best!

Q. What if an application has specific questions, or requires information that I haven’t already sent to you?

If an application requires specific materials or answers, we will email you as soon as possible to get that information and store it so we don’t have to ask you again. Of course, the sooner you respond, the faster your app will be processed.

Q. Do I have to send you all my information again for every job opening I want to apply for?

No. If you purchase a package, we hold onto your information for future applications (unless you ask us not to). If your materials, CV, transcripts or other data needs updating, please send that to us anytime.

Q. How do the credits and packages work? Do unused credits carry over?

Applications for the month are good from 30 days of the date you subscribe. For example, if you buy 21-30 applications for one month, you have one month from the date of your subscription to use those applications. Any unused applications are not carried over to other months.

Q. How do I cancel?

Billing is recurring, until you cancel through PayPal, which you can do anytime.

Q. Can you do mail-in or faxed applications as well?

This service is for online job applications.

Q. Which package should I choose?

We recommend starting with the package for the smallest number of applications you anticipate needing, as application credits do not roll over to the next month. You can always upgrade or downgrade each month.

Q. I’m all in! I want to do this FAST.

Great! If you don’t want to have to count how many apps you have our group submit for you, then consider our service. We’ll apply to as many jobs as you like – no limit! And you can still cancel at any time.

Have more questions? Please contact us here.