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Tired of spinning your wheels with your job search?

By now you know that using one of the “big job boards” is not efficient or effective. With thousands of other applicants vying for the same positions, you can spend hours a week — for weeks on end — and still NEVER get a nibble.

So, how much is your time worth? How about $.37 a day?

That’s how much you’ll pay for access to our Online Teaching Job Leads service!

We visit the employment pages of thousands of colleges and universities each and every year, looking for positions that aren’t advertised on the “big boards.” That means for pennies a day, you have your own research “team,” locating and vetting positions and bringing only the best back to you. We send emails to subscribers three times a week (more if we can), giving you the best leads in the fastest time.

The result? Instead of competing against thousands, you’re applying for lesser-known job postings, giving you better odds in a smaller pool for the right opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your specialization from the list below (subscribe to as many specializations as you like at only $11/specialization).
  • We scour the Internet for little-known, less publicized, and “hidden” leads, and then verify and compile them.
  • You’ll receive emails from us with your leads an average of 2 to 4 times per week.
  • This is a monthly subscription service; cancel anytime.
  • Sign up for an annual subscription to save even more!

Business Includes:

Business, Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Business Ethics, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Communications and Course Development in Business, as well as other business related areas.

Education Includes:

Curriculum Development, K-12 education teaching at the college level, Instructional Design, Educational Leadership and other Education disciplines, as well as Course Development in Education

Psychology / Sociology Includes:

Behavioral Sciences, Social Work, Human Services, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Mental Health, and other Psychology related areas, as well as Course Development and in Psychology.

Public Policy Includes:

Public Administration, Government, Public Policy and other related areas, as well as Course Development in Public Policy.

Law / Criminal Justice Includes:

Law, Business Law, Forensics, Homeland Security, Dispute Resolution, Paralegal, Healthcare Law and other Law and Criminal Justice related areas, as well as Course Development in Law.

Health Includes:

Health, Healthcare, Health Administration, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Gerontology, Medical Law, Human Services, Nursing, Health Information Technology and other Health related areas, as well as Course Development in Health.

History & Humanities Includes:

History, Government, Humanities, Geography and other History related areas, as well as Course Development in History.

IT Includes:

Information Technology, Information Science, Information Systems, Computer Science, Management Information Technology, Health Information Technology and other IT related areas, as well as Course Development in IT.

Math Includes:

Mathematics, Statistics, Algebra, Calculus and other Math related areas, as well as Course Development in Mathematics.

English Includes:

English, Composition, Literature, Writing, Grammar, Courses on APA, Journalism and other English related areas, as well as Course Development in English.

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